Cleaner production

    Finding solutions to increase energy resource use

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  • Energy management systems

    We apply system approach to managing energy on the enterprises

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  • Resource efficiency

    Substantial reduction in the costs
    and consumption of energy resources

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  • Energy system optimization

    Identification and implementation of low-cost operational measures  by UNIDO methodologyfor considerable energy efficiency increase in various industrial systems

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  • Green growth

    Fostering of economic growth and development, while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies.

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NCPC – Russia

NCPC-Russia is a Moscow-based NGO that unites efforts of Russian and international experts to enhance industrial capacity in Russia and the CIS region, to facilitate inclusive and sustainable industrial development and mitigate climate change by reducing the negative effects of industry on the environment.
The mission of organization is to promote modern technologies transfer and disseminate approaches and practices of national and international institutions within Russia and the CIS region, as well as to support implementation of UNIDO projects and ensure subsequent sustainability of achieved results. The scope of the Centre’s activities includes, but not limited to: capacity building, technologies development and transfer, knowledge sharing and awareness raising, educational programmes for experts and civil society in various industrial sectors, policy advisory services and tailored solutions for private sector in terms of industrial resource and energy efficiency increase.

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